Motherhood Gave Me a New Found Respect For Life – #VeganAF

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Prior to motherhood, I considered myself to be an animal lover, I thought I was relatively healthy and I thought I understood life to a certain degree.  I’ve often expressed how wrong I was when I became a mother how motherhood would affect me.

My personal experience of becoming a mother changed my whole entire life, far more than I ever realised even at the time. I’d gone from being that person who mocked the poor animal by saying I like my cow mooing on my plate or refer to a little lamb as my Sunday dinner – yes, I was that dick!

Motherhood Gave Me a New Found Respect For Life - #VeganAF


Since becoming vegan, I’ve had flash backs of comments I’ve made and been utterly ashamed of my behaviour. It’s embarrassing.

When I became pregnant, still oblivious to how motherhood would affect me and change me, I continued to behave in the way I always had but with the crossover of articles I was reading, animal welfare started to creep through more and more.  My priorities had changed, what I was interested in had changed and by the time I had the girls, I had started to change.

After a week of being hospitalised and a week at home, I remember saying to my mum… “everything I did before becoming a mum, was superficial.”  The bond, the love, the want to nurture and care for my children was instant. It’s was also intense.  The thought of them being hurt by someone filled me with utter dread, anger, and fear at the same time.

Imagine giving birth and having your baby taken away from you know they will use it for food and then sticking you to a milk machine because your milk will help other species grow.

I’ll let you just sit there for a moment to think about that properly.

The only being that needs your milk is your child, like calves are the only being that needs cow’s milk.

Animals bond instantly with their young and their bond is tearfully beautiful. They clean their young with their own saliva, feed with their own teats and provide love and warmth with their own bodies.  Animals are in fact, far more amazing, wonderful, gentle and nurturing than any human that walks this planet.

Yet people are still insistent on murdering animals and using them for their own entertainment, use and it’s vain. It’s simply vain, bone idle and obnoxious.  But I do understand why some people do it. They’ve been brainwashed.  Media, advertising and large corporations who are exploiting not just animals but you, the buyer.  Let’s utilise this animal who can’t speak up or defend itself, kill it, use it, abuse it and then make money from humans but brainwashing them into thinking they need this animal to survive.

A quote from one of my daughters.

“I can’t eat that, it’s got eyes.”

She was talking about one of her many shopkins which looked like a cake.  It just goes to show, if your food wasn’t manufactured and packaged the way it was and was left to represent the body it once was in, you simply wouldn’t eat it.

We have all been led to believe that food is a luxury and it’s a blessing.  Whilst some people worry about the best way to cook their beef or chicken there are people in the world that are starving and would kill for a bowl of rice.  We have taken food for granted. We have become so ignorant. We have become so ungrateful.

Since I became a mother, I have nothing but respect for life. Life is a blessing. Life shouldn’t be taken for granted. Life is precious and should be cherished.  Far too many humans think they have the right to kill. Who made humans god? Who gave humans the right to behave in this appalling way?

Our lifespan is short in comparison to Mother Nature. Yet we still take from me her. We are raping her daily.  Mother Nature did not intend for us to be so brutal. We are killing the planet we inhabit. What the actual hell is wrong with us.

It takes …. land and water to make a burger.

That land and water that’s needed to make one burger, could feed one person for a year. Globally, people are starving, dying from poverty – but that’s ok… if meat-eaters have their burgers that’s ok, right?

You may have landed on this page because you are a) a vegan b) would like to become vegan or c) accidentally found this page because you searched for burgers – kidding.

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Light and love

Kat x


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