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When I decided to go vegan, it was after 4 years of being a vegetarian. I didn’t really understand much about the vegan way of life. I had a very basic understanding from the various articles I had read, but it wasn’t until I started educating myself on the subject correctly.

What initially started out as an animal welfare issue – which was and still is the catalyst. However, I found myself very interested in what I was doing to my body. I started exploring foods in greater depth that I realised that I was abusing my body.

I had no idea what destruction I was causing.


Aside from the destruction and risk to my body, the hellish treatment of animals and so forth. I was also becoming more aware of how our decisions are influenced every day by our government.  I dread to think of myself as a follower of the crowds, a lemming or a sheep.

I like the fact I’m different.  The thing is… we are all different. We just don’t allow ourselves to be who we truly are because we want to ‘fit in’ to the society mould that our government has created.  I think it’s important to address the fact we are being manipulated on a daily basis and there doesn’t seem time to think for ourselves.

Life is abundantly busy and we just go with whatever we are used to.  Making changes to our routine can feel like climbing a mountain.  But it can be as simple as being introduced to another brand, trying it out and switching.

Most of us would have seen that show where a TV company goes in and films a family over the course of a few weeks to see how they get on with commodity switches right?

They swap the branded cornflakes they all know and love and adamant that no other cornflake will taste the same.

They spend all week eating the supermarket own brand convinced it’s their usual brand.

They end the program committed that they were their usual brand all along only to find out it wasn’t.

The power of branding is actually pretty frightening when you really consider what is being psychologically done to us.

Please take a few moments to watch this video.

The video is a branding expert revealing to you exactly how advertising companies get inside your head.

Scary right?

Veganism is on the rise! Thank goodness and with Veganuary in full swing, I am hopeful that there will be even more people choosing this way of life permanently.

If you haven’t yet joined in with Veganuary then there is still time. As the saying goes, better late than never.

Although I am not a veteran of veganism. I am extremely passionate about this way of life and I hope that shows through my blog. I have written various pieces about my research, journey and personal experience.

It’s also really wonderful to discover others choosing veganism, the more the merrier is always the case in this respect. No matter how small the change, all change is positive.

Because of my passion coupled with the desire to want to help others achieve, I have created a 22-page guide to aid your progress to become vegan.

To access this free guide all you need to do is become a free subscriber and your guide will be sent straight to your inbox.

I hope you found this article helpful and you take the opportunity to download my guide to further aid your journey to veganism.


Now you have the right tools to move forward, your journey will be easier.


  1. 7th January 2018 / 11:21 pm

    I am so eager to read your guide. Thank you for providing this free resource.

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