For the Love of… Dairy Free Chocolate, Suitable For Vegans

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Globally people scoffed their faces with chocolate over the weekend in celebration of Easter. Whilst I am fully aware the real reason for Easter is not chocolate, we still “commercially” celebrate it. However, I do prefer to buy my children a small gift instead of chocolate. Anyway, I digress, this isn’t one of these posts – I am a firm believer of each to their own and I respect choices; if they are good and positive ones.

Having been a choc lover for some time, I thought I would struggle to find a dairy free chocolate suitable for vegans since becoming a vegan. I honestly believed I would have to accept that I wouldn’t be eating decent chocolate ever again – fortunately, I was wrong.

Dairy Free Chocolate, Suitable for Vegans


Dairy Free Chocolate, Suitable for Vegans

Coming from someone who only ate chocolate truffles from a French chocolatier in Le Touquet or Fortnum’s – it was always going to be a tricky challenge.  I have sampled some dairy-free chocolates and some have been foul. No different to chocolate that contains milk – you win some you lose some right?

Obviously, I have yet to sample every option but I was introduced to Booja Booja by my mum who has been fully supporting my journey. She happened to be talking to a colleague and they mentioned this brand. So far, I have bought the champagne truffles and the ice cream which have been scrumptious and my mum bought me the Easter egg cases with truffles inside.

For the Love of... Dairy Free Chocolate, Suitable For Vegans


Booja Booja is at the expensive end of the range, I am sure there are dearer and there is most certainly cheaper; but I have been so impressed with this brand and I love that they are a UK manufacture. I have spotted some other companies that I am looking at trying out and I will be sure to update my directories list.


For the Love of... Dairy Free Chocolate, Suitable For Vegans

What is your favourite dairy-free chocolate?

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