5 Awesome Things That Happen When You Embrace Veganism

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At the start of your journey, it will and can seem a little daunting this whole vegan lifestyle. Like any change, it’s the unknown and it’s predicting what kind of road leads ahead. You will, of course, encounter knock backs but like anything in life, that’s all par of the course. Mentally, physically and spiritually you will change and grow and as long as you hold onto the positives, then it’ll be a pretty straightforward transition.

5 Awesome Things That Happen When You Embrace Veganism

As my experience has been a positive so far, I wanted to share what I have learned about embracing being a vegan and feeling proud I have chosen this path.

Your karma will improve.

Just by refusing to consume animals and animal by-products, your karma would have massively improved. You will automatically feel good about this decision and live guilt free. You free your mind of the toxic that media, large corporate companies, and governments have inflicted on you without you even knowing.

You will have a new-found love for food.

In my personal experience, my meals are always so tasty. My taste buds changed and therefore, my choices towards what I am putting in my body have changed. I loved cooking before, but I really do experiment with my own flavours.

You are saving animals and the planet.

Even when just one person stops consuming animal products it makes a whole lot of difference, so never think you won’t make a difference because you are and you do. Check out this awesome vegan calculator which identifies how much water, grain, and animals you have saved by making these amazing choices.

You start to make even more positive choices in life.

I felt like I was in “zombie” state – I have been fed information via the media which made me believe I needed all these things like meat, fish, and dairy. Supermarkets who have the monopoly on the choices we make thanks to their clever buying tactic displays. We even take it a step further and believe we need alcohol in our lives. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy have a drink now and again but I know it’s not good for me. I know that it causes me anxiety, depression and when I haven’t had a drink for some time, it knocks me for six and I can’t seem to handle it. I’ve been decreasing the amount I consume and have made a connection with drink and my state of mind which I will be posting about soon – so watch this space as I am aiming to eliminate it from my life for good!

Your appearances change for the better.

I was never really one to wear much makeup, but now I will happily leave the house without a scrape of makeup on my face. That would have never happened before. I have lost weight; visceral fat is disappearing and I feel more alert awake and less exhausted. My choices for fuel are smarter, so I am not reaching for sugary foods and my coffee intake is down too. Winning!

Of course, everyone’s journey is different and these experiences are personal to me, but I am certain they are universal for anyone that decides to Go Vegan.

With so much information at your finger tips, the research can easily be done and the transition can be smooth. There are some amazing products available which make it so futile to consume the animal.

Light and Love

Kat x

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