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“Kat’s help has really been invaluable. Whether it’s the wealth of practical advice or the emotional support I needed through difficult times. I am so happy I’ve been able to work with her to start and expand my work.

Kat has helped me from the very beginning, starting out to then expanding gradually at a pace that suits me. I have never felt put down or made to feel silly if I wasn’t sure on something.
Kat builds you up and gets to know YOU and what YOU want individually and tailors her sessions to that rather than a one size fits all approach.

Overall I can’t recommend Kat enough. If you do decide to work with Kat in any capacity I am certain that you won’t be disappointed.”

I was first introduced to Katrina, our Digital Mum, on a conference call in order for Katrina to find out what our charity, Home-Start North Dorset, does and what we would like to gain from the Digital Mum experience.

Katrina has an extremely friendly, approachable and professional manner. She took the time to thoroughly research our Charity and really understand our work within the community.

Each week Katrina planned our social media posts with a different theme based on our discussions and aims. The posts were eye catching, engaging and with an edge of humour (theme and content permitting.)

For the first few weeks of the live campaign I monitored what Katrina was doing and then realised that there was absolutely no need, as she really had ‘got us’! I felt comfortable that she had prepared appropriate content and checked Facebook and Twitter more out of interest than in a supervisory role.

Her work was always well presented and quite often went over and above my expectation.

Our Facebook followers have more than tripled, and our Twitter followers have seen a six fold increase. This is absolutely fantastic!

Sadly, as a self-funding Charity, money is tight and we do not have the budget to employ Katrina at the end of the Digital Mum campaign. I would, however, highly recommend her to anyone looking for an enthusiastic, bubbly, highly motivated and conscientious social media dahling!

Did Katrina reach our expectation? WITHOUT A DOUBT!

Ruth Berry
Home-Start North Dorset
March 2016