Making Good Health Choices and Planning for Them

As a blogger, woman, mother, business person, sister, daughter and friend, I have naturally set some high standards for myself. I want to achieve, I want to be the best I can possibly be, but at what cost? Whilst I am fully focused on all the above areas of my life I...
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Basic Blog Jargon Buster Downloadable

If you are relatively new to blogging, somewhere along the line you would have started to hear some blog jargon; it happens with anything new topic we start to explore. So first things first - blogging can be techy but it is not rocket science - if I can do it, then...
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Life Inside Our Phone: 9 Phone Detox Ideas

The internet, or rather my apple products and I, are very much like houmous and pitta - we work well together but too much dipping, isn't good for you. Maintaining what is classed as a "normal" amount of time on your phone can be a bit tricky woo. Most of us have...
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How to Embrace Being an Empath: The Self-Care Edition

I know I am always banging on about self-care but hear me out.  In a world where everyone claims they want to empower you, it's hard to figure out who means it and who doesn't. In my own experience, it's sadly been the latter on far too many occasions.  No...
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3 Simple Ways to Boost Your Blogs SEO Today

What is SEO? - Search Engine Optimisation. To quote from SEO is a marketing discipline focused on growing visibility in organic (non-paid) search engine results. SEO encompasses both the technical and creative elements required to improve rankings, drive...
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The Mental Health Denial

As a nation, we are improving the awareness of mental health and digital media has thankfully played a positive part in this and we are able to spread the message more widely and independently. But for years, mental health has been covered up and has always been a...
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What is Imposter Syndrome and How Can You Overcome it

This is not the first and it certainly won't be the last time you stumble across a blog post like this. I have personally seen of a few but never bothered to read because at the time; if I am honest - I didn't think I had this issue. But actually, I do and I think we...
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How to Create a Beautiful Butterfly Bedroom for Children

There is something fascinating about butterflies. They truly are, a magical creature which represents life and beauty.  Their elegance and colours are capturing - it’s no wonder why they are loved by so many.  My 3-year-old twin girls adore butterflies. So much so, I...
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